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The Down Syndrome Program: Helping Nevada Reach For The Stars | Martin
Dental Management of the patient with DS | Medina
The INCLUDE Project at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) | Parisi
Polysomnogram characteristics and treatment modalities for OSA in a referred population of young children with DS | Rani
* Parental Perception of Facilitators and Barriers to Health Among Young Children with DS | Caldwell
Cross Sectional Analysis of Parent Reported Expressive Language Profiles and Associated Covariates in Individuals with DS | Spellun
Minimally Invasive Approaches towards improving Oral Health for those with Special Healthcare Needs for the Non-Dentist | Wong
Evaluation of treatment for atlantoaxial instability in adult patients with Down Syndrome | Stephens
End of life and code status discussions in adults with Down syndrome | Stephens
A Review of Psychosocial Treatments for Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities | Brown
* Large Airway and Parenchymal Findings in Children and Young Adults with Down Syndrome | DeBoer
What are the Odds? Identifying Symptoms Associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children with DS | Curry
Update on JASPER in DS: Caregiver adoption of JASPER strategies, suggestions of child gains in engagement | Engelstad
Autism Screening for Young Children with Down Syndrome in a Primary Care Setting | Kelminson
* Spanish Speaking Only Household Outreach Program in a Pediatric Down Syndrome Clinic | Kelminson
COVID-19 in Children and Young Adults with Down Syndrome | Wolter-Warmer
A conceptual model of health in Down Syndrome | Santoro
Cardiac Consensus Statement for People with Down Syndrome | Dimopoulos
* Co-Occurring Medical Conditions in Children with Down Syndrome and Autism | Spinazzi 
* The Impact of Social Distancing on Children with Down Syndrome | Yanez
Remote PT-based Exercise Program Improves Fitness and Gait in Adults with DS | Hilgenkamp

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