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Membership Categories and Dues

Members of DSMIG-USA include professionals who provide care to individuals with Down syndrome and/or their families. International members are welcome, as are students and trainees. Members may also include individuals who engage in research or health policy relevant to Down syndrome.  Most members work in specialized Down syndrome clinics, at academic institutions, university- and community-based medical centers, or in private practice.

Participation in DSMIG-USA fosters professional growth through the dissemination of information about evidence based practice, and shared common experiences that inform best practices in the care of individuals with Down syndrome.

General Member Category

Professionals from a variety of disciplines such as:

      • physicians
      • nurses
      • nurse practitioners
      • dentists
      • scientists
      • physician assistants
      • psychologists
      • genetic counselors
      • clinic coordinators
      • clinical educators
      • occupational and physical therapists
      • speech and language pathologists
      • dieticians
      • social workers

Members in this category have the option of participation on the clinical listserv.

Annual Dues

  •  $100 Doctoral level (includes physicians, dentists, & all others with doctoral degrees)
  •  $75   Other Professionals
  •  $25   Students/Trainees/Retired professionals

Affiliate Member Category

Affiliate members are individuals who have a leadership role in a national organization directed toward people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They may work as policy makers, educators, or health advocates. Typical organizations include nonprofit healthcare or advocacy organizations and university training programs. Affiliate members do not provide clinical care and generally do not work in Down syndrome clinics, or conduct research. Members in this category are not eligible for the clinical listserv.

Annual Dues

  • $100


Waiver or Reduction of Dues: Situations of Financial Hardship

Any current member who receives an invoice for dues renewal or any new member applicant may request a waiver or reduction of dues for a one-year period if there is a situation of financial hardship.  To make this request contact Angela Lombardo, Co-Chair of Membership Committee and website administrator at Please indicate in your email request what amount you are able to pay.

At the end of a one-year period of waiver or reduction in dues, the member may apply again for another one-year period of waiver or reduction. DSMIG-USA will seek grants to fund this initiative.

Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group-USA

DSMIG-USA is a 501(3)(c) Organization

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